TE app - delivering exceptional consumer engagement

The TE app is the consumer facing app, fed by our transactive energy platform. This understands customers' personal preferences, coaches on the best times to use power to meet those goals and rewards their action.

TE uniquely:

  • helps people use more power when solar is high maximising the use of solar in the community and likely financial returns

  • helps people know when cleaner or cheaper energy is generally available in the system (or costs are very high) and so choose to change what they do

  • Rewards people from what they do, so they can cut their bills (or use the money to support the community in other ways)


An easy and rewarding way for consumers to take control of their power bill and help the planet.


Cleaner, cheaper or local power?

With personalised daily tips and expert suggestions, TE lets consumers know when the best and worst times to use power are, based on their goals.

Rewarding positive change

By making small changes to energy use around these times, consumers can earn cash to redeem on their bill or donate to one of our nominated charities.


More than just an app

Our transactive energy platform engine predicts energy market prices, the generation mix, network costs and optimizes against consumer preferences to determine best times to use power.

The outputs can instruct and manage other devices to enhance outcomes (i.e. energy storage, electric vehicle charging, connected appliances.

The app shows just one customer journey possible from our transactive platform. The transactive engine allows us to personalise a host of differentiated customer journeys to reflect your value propositions.

High consumer engagement 

  • 60-80% weekly check their activity reports, compared to the average electricity user spending minutes thinking about power.

  • Double digit % reductions on peak energy use.

  • 50% or more demand reduction on an advised critical peak by 15% of users.

Interested in learning more?

Click here to download an information sheet (PDF - 434KB)

PowerPal is a trade mark registered in New Zealand and applies to New Zealand users only.