Join us on a journey to a better power society

We are driven by the global imperative to enable people to choose clean, affordable energy. Creating the power industry’s sharing economy to harness a mega-wave of clean-tech devices.

Consumer goals

We help people collaborate to use greener, cheaper power with a personalised app provided through their electricity company.

Industry goals

Through our enterprise SaaS service we help our commercial customers deliver exceptional consumer engagement, cutting both costs and carbon emissions.

Meeting these needs is a $2b p.a. global opportunity that will grow rapidly with global de- carbonisation. New Zealand’s electricity system provides a great launch pad.

Strong company capability

• Competitive advantages in energy analytics and consumer engagement.

• Incorporates our proprietary peer-to-peer energy platform that has NZ regulatory approval.

• Proprietary algorithms co-optimise outcomes for consumer rewards.

• Early mover network effect.

Engaging customer validation

• Pilots or agreements evidencing consumer engagement connect with monetisable savings in the supply chain.

• Major NZ retailer and Australian pilots in discussion.

Impressive user validation

• Over 200 paying customers on our innovative peer to peer retail platform.

• 50%+ weekly engagement (6x utility benchmark).


We are proud to have delivered

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We are excited to be preparing

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