emhTrade Appoints New Chief Product Officer

emhTrade welcomes Martin White as our newly appointed Chief Product Officer. White was previously Head of Business Agility at Trade Me.

Stu Innes, CEO of emhTrade, says the company’s rapid growth requires a new level of customer interaction and rapid iterative product development. “We are in a new phase of growth requiring an unprecedented ability to quickly understand customer challenges and then work with them to test answers and deliver meaningful solutions.”

“For us it’s really exciting to have somebody of Martin’s caliber join us. Martin will lead our product development and ensure agility in all our customer relationships. His experience at Trade Me will be invaluable in helping us develop and effectively deliver consumer-driven power solutions and products,” says Innes.

The broader emhTrade business is about using technology to solve complex energy problems. Innes says that in mid-2017, after emhTrade won the Energy Innovation Challenge, it entered the Lightning Lab Electric Business Accelerator programme to better learn how to tackle one of the great global power industry challenges – the transactive grid.

“The ability to engage consumers and businesses with new technologies such as solar, electric vehicles and connected appliances will be key to reducing carbon emissions, increasing renewable electricity use, meeting community aspirations and affordable electricity,” says Innes.

In working with the energy industry, consumers and innovation experts through the Lightning Lab programme, Innes says it became clear what emhTrade needed to do.

“Since the Lightning Lab we’ve been steadily growing our team, ensuring that pretty much everyone who joins us is a polymath with the industry, systems and quantitative skills needed to deliver on our vision of an intelligent, transactive grid,” says Innes.

Matthew Harte, emhTrade co-founder and CTO, says the company wants to fundamentally change how people interact with energy generation and delivery.

“P2 Power is redefining how people engage with each other and how they buy their power – and the unsolicited feedback we get from our customers tells us we are on the right track. But this is all just the start of a transformation to help people use cleaner, cheaper, community-driven power.”

“Martin’s experience with Trade Me is exactly what emhTrade wants to achieve in the energy sector. It’s all about developing and delivering powerful, yet easy-to-use online services that makes a real difference to people’s lives,” says Harte.