emhTrade nominated as a Deloitte Energy Excellence Awards finalist.

4th July 2018

We are thrilled to announce that emhTrade has been recognised as a finalist in two Deloitte Energy Excellence Awards categories in 2018.

The Deloitte Energy Excellence Awards is an annual event aimed at recognising excellence and achievement across the energy sector.

"We are really excited to be recognised in these categories and appreciate how this helps underline the power of our vision. Alongside our partners, we are proud to be bringing together people, retailers and the supply chain to address the needs of climate change and energy poverty." - Jamie Silk, Chief Commercial Officer.

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emhTrade are driven by the global imperative to enable people to choose clean, affordable energy. Their Transactive Energy platform is creating the sharing economy for the electricity industry to harness the approaching mega-wave of clean-tech devices.

For the industry they provide exceptional consumer engagement underpinned by a market place that matches consumer flexible demand and distributed resources with the parts of the supply chain where they have the most value.

For consumers, apps connected to this platform that help them use greener, more affordable power, and that shares with them the benefits of doing so.

Learn more about how the Transactive Grid has achieved dramatic engagement with real world electricity consumers here.

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Climate change, energy poverty and investor interest means we need to cut billions of avoidable dollars of costs and tonnes of carbon from the electricity supply chain.

Massive customer churn and price wars show the retail model is broken. Consumers want change.

emhTrade's unique technology solves this connecting the supply chain with what consumers really care about. A globally deployable SAAS platform saving money for retailers (emhTrade's customers), helping consumers use cheaper, greener power (via an app or APIs) and delivering flexible demand to where it is most valuable to the supply chain. Energy's sharing economy market place.

Read more for the back story and results so far here.